Of course, the best quality service for your Yamaha is at Yamaha Istanbul! Our authorized service personnel who attend regular training do the best for your Yamaha. Our Yamaha Academy Certified masters and staff are waiting for you to do the best for your Yamaha!

A marvel of Japanese engineering, Yamaha engines are known for their quality and longevity. We are waiting for you at our authorized service in Yamaha Istanbul, so that you can safely use your Yamaha for many years and for long distances. Our title has TSE standards.


We trust our motorcycles. We offer you the advantage of extending the Factory Warranty offered to you up to 5 years.
For this, it is sufficient to specify the option you want to our authorized dealer at the time of purchase.

Unlimited mileage +1 year (3 years total)

Unlimited mileage +2 year (4 years total)

Unlimited mileage +3 year (5 years total)

Continuation of Factory Warranty

We offer the possibility to extend all conditions (Original Spare Part replacement, Yamalube use, etc.) covered by the Standard Factory Warranty up to 3 years.

More Valuable 2nd Hand

The Extended Yamaha Warranty is transferable to the next owner. In this way, your motorcycle becomes more valuable during the sale.

Terms & Conditions

In order for the Extended Yamaha Warranty you have chosen to be valid, you must obtain service from authorized Yamaha dealers.

You are invited to our dealers for detailed information. Click for dealer contact information.

* The legal warranty period for Yamaha motorcycles is 2 years or 30.000 km from the date of delivery (whichever comes first, the legal warranty ends). The Yamaha Extended Warranty will be effective from the date the statutory warranty expires. The Yamaha Extended Warranty provides unlimited mileage benefits, and if the Legal warranty expires before two years due to 30.000 km of use, the Yamaha Extended Warranty will apply for the remainder of the two-year period calculated from the original delivery date of the motorcycle. Yamaha Extended Warranty Coverage can be purchased for 2+1 Years (3 Years Total Unlimited Mileage), 2+2 Years (4 Years Unlimited Kilometers Total), 2+3 Years (5 Years Unlimited Kilometers Total). Consult our authorized dealers for the validity conditions of the selected Extended Yamaha Warranty.
* The OFF-Road Competition product line is not covered by the Yamaha Extended Warranty.


Yamaha Motor Insurance services are designed specifically for Yamaha owners and facilitate the process of getting your Yamaha insurance. It offers a high level of protection at competitive prices, while offering customized terms for Yamaha owners. You will have peace of mind for a more enjoyable, worry-free ride. You can visit or contact your nearest authorized Yamaha dealer to take advantage of special agreement opportunities with Yamaha Motor Insurance.